Every year in the months of June, July and August we plan and host the biggest and the best Summer Camp in Kigali. We provide your children with the most exciting and enriching holiday learning experience they can have. Whether you are looking to enhance their math, science, technology (STEM) skills during the holiday so that they come back for the new year with an edge or perhaps you want to improve their language skills (English, French, Mandarin and Kinyarwanda),

Discovery International School has the right summer program for the right student depending on age, interests and their goals. Our summer experiences also include extensive arts immersion from dance like ballet, Kinyarwanda dance to painting, sculpture and much more like trips and archaeological excavations.

Every year we design a unique program so please contact us to obtain information for the upcoming Summer Camp.


1. Copies of Parents ID
2. Other authorised people to pick the child – ID copies
3. Signed registration form
4. Extra change of clothes
5. Sports shoes
6. A snack and drink
7. Extra bottle of water
8. Sunscreen if your child needs it
9. Swimming costume and/or other sports attire as needed