Mathematical play at Discovery

Mathematical play at Discovery International

Math is everywhere, engage your curious child.

Our approach to mathematics is playful and intentional. Children sort, count, group and develop wider problem-solving skills. Our goal is to stimulate mathematical thinking. All our activities have to be concrete and practical for the abstract to make sense to the child. For example, a teacher would have children touch and feel three things before introducing the abstract symbol for three (3).

As children work on math games and activities they also develop their fine motor skills, coordination and concentration.

Discovery children don’t just learn to count and add. They are introduced to geometry to help them understand mathematical relationships. Discovery children will learn the difference and similarities between a cube (3D) and a square (2D) and that there are actually many kinds of triangles.

Practical math activities lay a strong foundation for complex mathematical thinking in higher levels of education.

Take time at home to bring the maths into daily activities, for instance counting passengers in Dad’s car, fruits on a plate or trees on the way to school or all the blue gates on your street.