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 Mission: To provide a world-class early childhood and primary education that empowers children from the early years to grow into grounded excellent transformational leaders impacting Rwanda and the world.

Vision: To empower children to become leading catalysts for positively transformed and thriving communities.


We are dedicated to fostering
– Love for learning
– Passion for excellence
– Strength in character

At Discovery we know that the first eight years of a child’s life are crucial for life-long success so we provide three separate types of curricula: English, French and Bilingual. We also offer the first three levels of academic learning for children: Pre-School, Nursery and Primary.

Our children are taught by experienced teachers, who give each child the best opportunity to develop both holistically and academically through engaging classes, and an enriching curriculum because research shows that well-adjusted successful adults started their journey to success very early in life. Our commitment and purpose is to provide holistic high quality early childhood education and care.

At the core of our culture is ensuring that all our children are loved and cared for from professionally trained and concerned teachers who exhibit concern for the child’s wellbeing inside and outside of the classroom.

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