New Student Info


● Copies of ID documents of both parents
● Identity Documents for other people authorized to pick up the child
● Copy of the child’s birth certificate
● Copy of the child’s full vaccination record
● A passport photograph of the child


● all students must follow the guidelines below
● 3 packs of wet wipes for all children in pre-nursery and nursery
● 6 packs of wet wipes for children who use diapers
● Daily morning snack and drink (at least 1 fruit and water; no salty or sugary snacks).
● Pack a change of clothes and sweater in the bag every day
● Full day students: bring a blanket and 1 or 2 bed sheets every Monday and take them
home every Friday for washing


● Girls must always wear leggings under their skirts
● All children’s items/belongings must be clearly labelled with a permanent marker
● If your child needs protection from the sun, please bring sunscreen and a hat that are
labelled with your child’s name.
● Please label every item your child brings to school – this helps us keep your children’s
● Ensure your child has a water bottle every day in additional to their morning drink and
● Pack a spare set of clothes & a sweater
● Every child must bring soft indoor shoes or house slippers to maintain floor hygiene
(outdoor shoes will not be used in the classrooms)
● School attire should be attire that allows play and exploration – do not send children with
expensive clothing or jewelry or related items.


● Your morning snack should always include well prepared fruits or vegetables, hard
boiled eggs or other dairy products as well as well diluted juice or water. Part of our
education process is to encourage the children to eat healthy food that fuels the brain.
● Fruit and water are obligatory – everyday.
● The morning snack can include fruits, hard-boiled eggs, yoghurt, healthy sandwiches,
well diluted fresh juice or drinking water.
● A sample snack menu for parents to prepare at home will be shared at the start of the
new term.
● Kindly slice whole fruits including apples – if you include passion fruit, please slice it half
way for the child to open and scoop for themselves
● Vegetables can be lightly steamed
● Ensure that your fruit is well washed before packing it for your child.
● You are welcome to include a napkin
● Due to choking hazard, please do not send viennas, hot-dogs, grapes, popcorn or other
food items that require careful chewing before swallowing
● Give your child a good breakfast every morning – include good portions of protein and
● If your child skips breakfast, please send a serving of milk and let the teacher know
● Do not send sugary treats and snacks like sweets, chocolate, sweet pastries and
mandazis. Parents are encouraged to read food labels.
● Do not send salty snacks like crisps, pringles, chips etc
● Do not use chocolate spread, blueband or jam, we recommend honey or butter.
● We have some children who have severe reactions to peanuts or peanut ingredients, our
policy on peanuts is as follows: We are a peanut-free facility, please ensure that no
peanuts/groundnuts are brought to school by your children.
● For example, when packing for your children, do not use peanut butter or any food with
traces of peanuts. Parents are encouraged to read food labels.


● Children 4 years and above are dropped off between 7:15 am and 7:30 am at the latest
● Children 3 years and below must be dropped off 7:40am – 7:55 am
● Please drop off your child inthe given time frames academic activities start promptly at at
the latest time stipulated above, your child misses revision and individual follow up when
they come late.
● Pick up time is 12:00 pm for children 3 years and below and 12:30 for children 4 years
and above.
● In order to cut back lateness and long days for our staff, there will be a late-pick up fine
of RWF 10,000​ from 40 minutes after the agreed time.
● Full day students are picked up at 3:30 PM unless extended days have been paid for.
● From 4:30pm, there will be a RWF 10,000 late pick-up fine for every hour thereafter.
Late pick-up fines must be paid within 24 hours.
● Continue to encourage your child to say good-bye at the gate; we want to keep traffic
● The timings stipulated above are extremely important to manage traffic and minimise the
need for parking.
● In the first few days we request parents to come in very early and park at the back of the
school if they would like to walk into class.
● Parents are not allowed to leave their cars at the drop off point, our staff will meet each
child at the car and help the child out of the car.
● If you would like to walk your child to class, kindly park outside the school or at the back
of the school building and not in the drive-way or drop off area.


● The School year starts in August/September (9th Sept 2019 for this year) and tuition payments for the term must be cleared before students attend the new term. Each parent must clear with Finance Department on the start date to ensure smooth opening and operations.


● The June/July/August holidays are usually about 10 weeks​ in total.
● Our activities will run from June to August
● For children who are not yet secure in their academics, we encourage parents to register
them for the academic accelerator holiday program.


● URWEGO OPPORTUNITY BANK at the Kisimenti branch, the Nyarugenge branch in
Ubumwe Grande Hotel, Gisozi Gakinjiro or any other branch.
● RWF account​ 111 6293050122
● USD account ​111 6293050114
● Account name​: Discal Ltd